Duncan Parsons/Abandoned Buildings

Duncan Parsons

 Musician, Engineer, Producer

Following tutelage from Bill Bruford, being very politely turned away by Anthony Phillips, appearing on a handful of obscure releases in the 90s, and producing work which caught Rick Wakeman's ear, a decade and a half later Duncan finally started releasing albums..

He is also the drummer with the John Hackett Band

RoughDraftAudio Releases Taking in Rock, Pop, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Electro, Minimalist and Classical stylings, “Abandoned Buildings,”
The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show,”
Music For Stairlifts (Volumes 1 & 2),”
and “C:Ore” present emotional journeys and song cycles in music and animated form.

This is modern progressive music, with guest appearances by John Hackett, Steve Hackett, Gary Boyle, Ton Scherpenzeel, Raul D'Oliveira, and others;
along with other artefacts, such as a 130-voice choir, a triangle duet, a world music drum ensemble, a stylophone/mandolin duet, a nine piece bass ensemble, and a sung note held for 34 seconds...

Available as CDs from this website,
and as a digital downloads from:  CDBaby,  iTunes,  Amazon,  Google Play,  Rhapsody,  Spotify
and many other digital retailers.

Abandoned Buildings
"The album can only be appreciated through immersion. The levels of lyrical acuity and textured arrangement yield more and more with each listen.
Spring Cleaning speaks about facing up to the dark material of our lives perhaps for the first time, in order to move on. Lavender Rose is a slick
Steely Dan groove, If I Knock On Your Door a high-style smiler. Sometimes I Talk to Ghosts has a Pink Floyd edge, rich with incoming and outflowing lines and features. Answerphone is a deceptively simple stomp on the theme of communication - ‘has it all been a big mistake?’ Glass Fortress is a dark, swirling journey into the heart of one once-loved, ending with the heartfelt, unbearable ‘I tried but I couldn’t get in’ which threatens to build to breaking point. Footnote in Your Heart is the most fragile, delicate love letter you’re ever likely to hear." - Review on last.fm

"Parsons writes catchy ditties and clever lyrics, he also possesses the ability to make restrained ideas have more impact than first impressions would have you believe." - Sea Of Tranquillity

"..mixes a dry wit with a wonderfully observant line in lyrics, this is an album that will both delight and provoke thought in equal measures." - The Waiting Room


Some excerpts from Abandoned Buildings are available on Duncan's SoundCloud account.

To accompany "Abandoned Buildings," a collection of animations have been made for 10 of the album's 18 tracks.
These are available on the DVD "The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show," and can be ordered from the shop.

Extracts are being exhibited on YouTube.

Samples for C:Ore.

Note – These were from ongoing mixes, rather than finalised masters, and as such are a collection of representative snapshots.

Samples for Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1).

Samples for Music for Stairlifts (Volume 2): (Adapting Silent Films) For The Radio.