Duncan Parsons/Abandoned Buildings


6th June 2016 ..Seems like we've come a long way..

So, a year on.. A few things have happened!

  • The biggest news would be that, following accompanying John Hackett on percussion at the release event for his album Another Life, a band was formed consisting of John on guitars, keys, flute and voice; Nick Fletcher on guitars; Jeremy Richardson on bass, guitars and voice; and me on drums, backing voice, and triangle. We've played a few times, with gigs in Sheffield and Tunbridge Wells to come (see here for details). There are bits of footage of us playing to be found on YouTube..


  • Around Jun/Jul 2015, Music for Stairlifts (Vol 2): (Adapting Silent Films) For The Radio was recorded. It took a while for me to edit and master, what with this, that, and the other to do, but it saw a digital release in Feburary, and a CD release now.

    Music for Stairlifts (Vol 2): (Adapting Silent Films) For The Radio cover artwork

    See here for more!
    Oh, and there are a few Music for Stairlifts (Volume 2) items on RedBubble.


  • Solo gigs carry on, do watch out for them if you're in the Sheffield area. Recording for the next album has started. It is to be a slightly more light hearted piece after Abandoned Buildings and C:Ore, entitled Common Sense Dancing, taking in themes of the arts, humour, nostalgia, conspiracy and paranoia..


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2nd June 2015 Hi there, how are you.. ..it's been a long time.. hmm.. sorry, didn't realise it had been quite so long! Life has carried on, much as ever it does! C:Ore has had a couple of pleasant reviews, one from Alan Hewitt on The Waiting Room.

The rest of this year will be busy, my next album is mostly written and needs to be recorded, the album after that is planned with sections of it written; there will also be a second volume of Music for Stairlifts. I've been involved with the production of the follow-up album from the Playing The History group, and have made a small contribution to John Hackett's next rock album, finally appearing on a record with Ant Phillips - it only took 23 years!

February saw a launch evening for C:Ore, a lovely event with a couple of local bands, and included new video to four of my tunes, two animations from Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1) and two new experiments in real-life film using tunes from C:Ore. They are now hosted in YouTube, but for convenience I'll put them here!

Lastly, my range of t-shirts and other paraphernalia on RedBubble has been expanded and includes graphic elements from Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1)..
6th November 2014 C:Ore B:Limey.. After a fair bit of work, C:Ore is finally ready for public consumption..
I'm very pleased with it - 11 tunes, just over 75 minutes of music. The pieces are mostly simple songs with large arrangements, and have a more developed, 'live' sound. Like Abandoned Buildings it takes in a wide range of styles, but this time with a more episodic approach in each track. There are some samples available to be heard here.

There are guest appearances from both John and Steve Hackett, Gary Boyle, Ton Scherpenzeel, Daughters of Davis, Chrissie Caulfield, and others.

There will be an event to support the launch in February (just when a date was available!), see the gig page for more details as they become available.

C:Ore cover artwork

It's available as a CD, and as a digital download from many popular vendors. See the shop for details.
29th September 2014 Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1) The album mentioned in the last news item is released today! Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1) is a short album (7 tracks, 29min) of ambienty/minimalisty electro-acoustic music recorded this summer. It was very enjoyable to make, and I hope that comes across in the music.

The phyical version is a limited edition artisan release, with hand-drawn covers (by me) and a full colour insert and sticker sheet.

Music For Stairlift Vol 1 Limited Edition Package

It's also available as a digital download from many popular vendors. See the shop for details.
6th September 2014 a new thing! A few weeks ago I accidentally recorded a short album of electro-acoustic instrumental ambient music. I say accidentally as I hadn't been planning to do anything more than getting C:Ore finished off and released; but following attending a folk gig at the Sheffield Tramlines festival (Woolly Mammoth at the Folk Forest, to be exact) I had a few ideas for some music. Three and a half days later I had seven pieces and a about half an hour's worth of music..

I'm very pleased with it! (Always a plus.) It is to be released shortly, slightly ahead of C:Ore, and is called 'Music for Stairlifts (Vol 1).' The phyical version will be a limited edition artisan release, with hand-drawn covers (by me) and a full colour insert. Photos and ordering details will follow soon, but for now - here is a sampler:

24th July 2014 ..And another thing.. I've been busy lately..

A couple of months ago I was involved with the final edit/ mix/ master of an album of baroque guitar music by Nick Fletcher (see News from 2013/09/04), A Moment Of Stars.
It is now available via John Hackett's website.

Album news! The final roster of guests for C:Ore is in, and includes guitar heroes Steve Hackett (playing harmonica, as it goes..) and Gary Boyle; Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak, Camel); Carlo Matteucci (The Dancing Knights); Nick Fletcher; Daughters of Davis; with John Hackett, Chrissie Caulfield, Jeremy Richardson and Kim Eames making a return.
Given that early Summer is almost passed, previous predictions on the release now seem a little hollow! However, there are three tracks left to mix (out of eleven), and taking mastering and duplication into consideration, it'll be out around Harvest.

Some samples can be heard on Soundcloud. These comprise mixes as they were at the time of the samplers being compiled, but give a nice view of what is to come.

I have a few gigs coming up, notes in the Gigs page!

28th February 2014 Has it really been this long..? I was certain it couldn't have been 6 months since the last update.. just goes to show how wrong you can be!

Work on C:Ore has progressed enormously. I have finished tracking all my parts, and there are just a few guests to co-ordinate. I'm very pleased with the way it has shaped up. The hope is for a release in late Spring/early Summer, but don't let anyone know I told you..

This month saw the final instalment of monthly The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show screenings at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. They appear to have been received well, which is most gratifying. C:Ore won't have a 45min film to accompany it, however the plan is to have videos to at least three of the tracks.

..I've also been designing a few more t-shirts on RedBubble..

4th September 2013 Progress.. It's been a busy couple of months since the last update!

John Hackett recently appeared on an album 'Playing The History' for which I helped out with the artwork preparation. It's a great album, featuring new interpretations of classic progressive tracks set for church organ, bass and 6 string guitars, flutes and saxes!

The 2nd of September saw the release of 'Overnight Snow', an album by John with the virtuoso classical guitarist, Nick Fletcher. John's brother, Steve, also makes an appearance on the final few tracks.
I did the final mixes and mastering of the album, also had artistic oversight over the packaging. It was a very nice project with which to be involved. There are plans afoot for a second album by the duo..

I've also had the chance to track the live drums for C:Ore, I now have countless takes to assemble into a decent drum-track.. at least there's only 7 tracks to edit this time around, unlike the 15 I had with Abandoned Buildings!

Whilst house-sitting for a friend last week, I took the opportunity to film various bits of footage which will be used to make up the first of the videos to accompany C:Ore. How very exciting.

9th July 2013 Next album.. Work started on the next album in January. It is to be called C:Ore, will have 11 tracks, and a similar overall running time as Abandoned Buildings.

Writing was already underway during the latter part of mixing of AB, with an edited arrangement of one of the tunes, Lower, performed at both of the recent Lantern Theatre gigs. C:Ore will again feature John Hackett, and more playing from Chrissie Caulfield, plus some other guest spots.

Recording is currently at a place where I can play back the whole thing from start to finish, which feels like something of an achievement! However, there's still plenty more to get done...
Hopefully it should be out by the end of the year.

22nd May 2013 Interview on ARfm Last Sunday I was interviewed on Paul Baker's Soundscapes show on ARfm. It its now up on Mixcloud

Alas, they had some technical difficulties in the first hour, so that bit's a little crackly. However, they generously devoted 35min to me.. 0:30:32 - 0:55:27 and 2:13:05 - 2:22:34 (plus some incidental chat)

0:30:32 Wond'ring A'lowed
0:35:06 Interview
0:51:20 Sometimes I Talk To Ghosts
2:13:05 - 2:22:34 Building (pt ii): Closer

27th April 2013 Just an update.. In a gratifying turn of events, tracks from Abandoned Buildings are getting airplay on the rock radio station ARfm, the launch of The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show on the 4th was well received, and the first showing of the 'Spring Cleaning' video at South Yorkshire Filmmaker's Network April 'Showroom Shorts' appeared to go well enough.

I've had notice that I'll be featured in Issue 58 of Fireworks magazine! Quite what it will be remains to be seem at the moment, but it was nice to be told..

1st April 2013 The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show DVD is released! It's done! What started out as an exercise just so that I'd have a way of presenting material from Abandoned Buildings (as I knew I wouldn't have a band to play it), is now a 45min widescreen DVD, with an additional bonus animation and small arty booklet.

There is a launch event for it on Thursday, 4th April, and it will be shown progressively through the year by the South Yorkshire Filmmaker's Network at their monthly 'shorts' evenings.

It is available from the shop in both PAL and NTSC formats.

25th February 2013 Work continues on preparations of DVD release An additional animation has been made to accompany "Tumblé D'Amour", and will be a bonus feature on the DVD. This was not seen in January at the Abandoned Buildings launch event (oh, the excitement!).

Last Friday (22nd Feb) I did sound for a stand-up show by Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, IceHouse, Madonna), and a splendid evening was had by all. At the end, I got a copy of Guy's book, and Guy got a copy Abandoned Buildings - hope he likes it!

In the centre of Guy's book is a photo taken at the PF gig in Wembley, Aug 6th, 1988 - it looks suspiciously like I'm in it..

Advanced orders for the DVD are being taken at the shop.

1st February 2013 Another Lantern Theatre gig.. A second chance to see the Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show on a big screen has been arranged! Thursday the 4th of April, 2013.

Support by local acoustic artists Lofter, One Day Above Earth, and from Wales, Jeremy Richardson.

Click here for tickets.

19th January 2013 First of the AB animations hits YouTube.. Three of the animations from the forthcoming DVD 'The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show' will be on YouTube.
The DVD will be released in late March/early April.

Advanced orders are being taken at the shop.

17th January 2013 Launch gig! With guests Trefor Jones and Mark Musgrave, this seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended.

Following acoustic sets from Mark, Trefor and myself, the second part of the evening was a premiere of 45minutes of animation accompanying 10 tracks of the album. These animations will be released as a DVD 'The Abandoned Buildings Cinema Show' in late March/early April.

Advanced orders are being taken at the shop.

17th December 2012 Release! Official release date.. As it happens, CDBaby were ready today too! That feels efficient (serendipitous efficiency still counts, doesn't it..?)
12th December 2012 They're here A large box arrived on Monday, with CDs, cases and printed items for assembly.. After cups of tea and chocolate biscuits with the Hacketts, all were encased and wrapped!

Some review and promo copies sent out.. If you do reviews, let me know

4th December 2012 Closer still... Everything that needs to be with the duplicators has been sent, release date for physical media set at 17th Dec 2012 (digital release will hopefully be shortly after).

Launch gig booked (see here), now for publicity...
8th November 2012 Getting Closer... With mixing completed a few weeks back, the first mastering session went ahead today. There's a few days to listen through, then finalise next Tuesday..

After that, it's duplication, syndication, and more!